Dining in Spain

Helpful hints to visitors for dining in Spain
Food and dining might be described as a passion for many Spaniards. For the visitor, some aspects of the local cuisine and customs may be a bit confusing, specially on that first trip to Spain. Our idea is to provide a few helpful hints to speed up the enjoyment process.



The eating schedules in Spain leave many perplexed. Fact is the timing of meals is quite different from America, and a bit of a variation on dining customs in most of Europe:

Eating customs

Apart from the timing, there are several aspects of the local approach to meals and dining that you might want to know:

What to eat

Spanish cuisine is as varied as the country itself. There's really no such thing as a "typical Spanish dish" - but varies depending on the region in which you find yourself. Local specialties run from the bean stews of the north coast to the lightly fried fish typical of the south. It's really hard to say where to start, but here are a couple of basic guidelines:

For the adventurous

For those who enjoy new and different cuisine, you'll find some great fare around Spain. Here are a few examples:

That's it, enjoy!

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