Finca Higueron

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La Muela
Vejer de la Frontera
Costa de la Luz

So much to do!!!

Although the southern Costa de la Luz is quiet and unspoilt by tourism, there are a number of white Moorish Spanish towns, with churches, monuments and narrow streets waiting to be explored. Within half an hour from Finca Higueron, there is Vejer, Conil, Medina Sidonia, Benalup and Barbate.

Also, nearby are historic sites, including the 16 acres of Roman ruins fronting the beach at Bolonia, the little known Palomo Cortija, where pigeons were bred for the Spanish galleons, as well as an old grain water mill that is still demonstrated by local villagers. Visit the old caves near Benalup where one can see wall paintings thousands of years old. Otherwise, have a picnic and take a walk through the pine forest near Barbate

There are many sporting activities, including horse riding, hang gliding from the hill in Vejer, scuba diving, surfing, wind surfing and para surfing. For the young, less than an hour away a large aqua-park is open in the summer. Also, through the summer months each town takes it in turns to have either a fair and /or a bull run through its streets.

For those who wish for some culture. Close by, the NMAC, contemporary art displays that is incorporated into Montenmedio's pine forest is not well known, but it should not be missed. Also, there are many churches and museums in the area that are open all year round.

There is a camera obscuro in both Cadiz and the Alcazar of Jerez.

A popular day out is to drive 40 minutes to the most southern town in Europe, Tarifa, and go on a whale and dolphin watching boat trip. If you don't see any of the many different breeds of these mammals, you can take the trip again, at no cost. Afterwards take lunch or tapas in one of the restaurants or bars that are found in the old town. On your return, take a drive through the Parque de los alcornocales, with its spectacular views, cork trees and pigs wandering along the road side.

For the slightly more adventurous, take an organized day trip to Tangier and north Africa and experience the atmosphere and take in the sound, sights and aromas of this busy city.

All the beaches along the coast are of golden sand and are tremendous for walking, or taking a meal or drink while the sun sets to the west. Close by, in Vejer, there are a number of restaurants providing a wide variety of choice.

Nearby, Cadiz is a working city, steeped in history and a visit to the local food market is exhilarating. There are three different routed walks available to the visitor, starting at the tourist information office. The botanical gardens at the tip of the peninsular are well manicured, with a fascinating water feature and statuettes. The Cadiz bus tour is popular with many of our guests.

An hour away Jerez is the capital of Sherry making. There are a number of bodegas that provide organized visits. In the centre of Jerez, the Alcazar is a worthwhile visit. Also, there is the famous Royal Andalucian equestrian riding school where there is a museum as well as riding and horsemanship presentations throughout the year.

The best way to visit Cadiz is by boat. Yes - boat. Driving into Cadiz along the peninsular is interesting, as you have the Atlantic to your left and the bay to your right. But once you reach the edge of the city, you are blocked in by modern high rise buildings.
The other way is to drive to El Puerto de Santa Maria, park up and take the ferry across the bay. It is about two euros, it takes about 35 minutes and the ferry runs regularly. It takes you into the old town and one gets a real appreciation of the size of the bay. Also El Puerto de Santa Maria is a fascinating town with nice bars,
restaurants and a large bullring.

Less than two hours away, Seville is famous for its tapas and flamenco, where a ride on a horse drawn carriage is interesting and fun. The cathedral and Alcazar are in the main square and both are worth a visit, even though it may eat into the time you have available. Contact us for tips on parking.

The fountain in the plaza de espana, Vejer de la frontera.

The bull run in Vejer. After the three days of sombre processions through the village streets (Wed, Thurs, Fri) La Fiesta del Toro Embolao comes as a light relief. The bull run happens on Easter Sunday, but the full La Fiesta del Toro Embolao starts on Saturday night with parties and a concert at Carpa Municipal in Los Remedios. At twelve o'clock midday on Sunday a bull is released in La Plazuela, with its horns covered. Another is released later in the day. Crowds watch and cheer from the balconies, roof tops and the gated side streets and encourage the brave/insane people running with the bull through the narrow streets. It's quite a spectacle and a great atmosphere.